Scottish Terrier Rescue in Illinois was founded in 1989 by Caryl Alten and  Dennis Milewski.  At that time they chose the name Scottish Terrier Club of Chicago Rescue ( STCC Rescue ).  In 2016 it was decided to change the name to Illinois Scottish Terrier Rescue ( ISTR ) to indicate that we cover the entire State of Illinois not just Chicagoland.

Over the years our Scottie Rescue has saved more than 1500 Scottish Terriers. Our rescued Scotties come from various places: owner releases, shelters, and humane societies. Some of the dogs come from commercial breeders and casual breeders who do not take their dogs back for any reason.  Oftentimes we get a dog whose elderly owner has  died and no one in the family wishes to keep the dog.

The person who adopts a rescue dog needs to be willing to work with the dog and have a lot of patience. Some of the dogs are not housebroken and some have been neglected, abused, or mistreated. They may be extremely shy or withdrawn initially, but being Scotties they do adjust and make their new owners very happy. 

All of the dogs in our rescue program receive veterinary care prior to placement. This include the necessary vaccinations, heartworm testing, fecal testing, and microchipping. The dog will be spayed or neutered unless age or health issues prevent this being done at the time of placement. It will then be the responsibility of the new owner to have the surgery performed within two months of placement. We do not place dogs with overly aggressive temperaments or those with severe, chronic issues.

 We generally do not place in homes with very young children.  We also are very cautious when placing a dog with an elderly person: there needs to be another family member willing to assume responsibility for the dog if it becomes necessary.  We like to place dogs in homes that have had or do have a Scottish Terrier.  We also prefer that the new owner have a home with a securely fenced yard ( underground fencing is not considered secure ). All our rescue live in private foster homes until a new home is available.

We in Rescue try to find the best home possible for each dog. We do not place dogs on a trial basis. However, we do require that the dog MUST be returned to ISTR if, for any reason, the owner is unable to keep the dog.

A home visit may be required with all members of the potential adoptive family present. There is a fee required at the time of placement.   Senior citizens who adopt a dog over the age of 8 will receive a reduced adoption fee.

ISTR is a 501-c-3 organization and is licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture

For further information please contact Sue Severtsen at sooze13@mc.net  or 815-568-8872

For southern Illinois please call Caryl Alten at 618-993-8350 or calten@mchsi.com.

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